About Me

Picture taken on iPhone, raw, and real.

My Story

Allow me to start at the beginning. My name is Daniel, Daniel Canup and I am here to serve you. Growing up even as a child I was always interested in technology. My father was a bit of a nerd himself. So naturally being around him all the time I quickly grew very fond of computers; and from that a sparked interest in how they work. Now just like all other children growing up in that day I played video games, on my computer of course. But one day I started dabbling in some code. Now keep in mind I was only in 6th grade about this time. And so I wrote my first program. It was simple and in DOS too, but, it was fun!

From here I started learning more and more about these programming languages. I could write COBAL, BATCH & SYSTEM files, and a few others. I continued my new found passion into high-school. It was here that I decided I would like to be a website developer. I then learned how to program in HTML, and CSS. I created my first website just for fun, and fun it was. Over the course of the next few years I perfected my front-end programming abilities. And I added in Javascript so I could start bringing a level of interactivity and life to the static content of my sites. Now, I on occasion would use a prebuilt template, but to be honest with you, I hated it. I ended up changing just about everything. So my decision to build custom websites with unique designs was a no-brannier.

In 2003 I started up FiniDev and began branding myself under it. As more and more projects came I grew and adapted to the needs of the customer. Everything from front-end & back-end programming to photography & videography, including editing both, all the way including animation or cartooning as well as audio mastering.

I have had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful people making all of their needs into realities. So custom design and development with outstanding customer service is what I pride myself for. I love people and I love doing what I do. If you would like to start your next project with me and use FiniDev then you will not regret it.

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